ABOUT THE world famous

THE MAX Multipurpose 8-in-1 Tool Kit

The MAX is a reliable, durable and lightweight (only 12 1/2 lbs) multi-purpose tool that gives you an arsenal of what would add up to over 80 lbs of heavy duty equipment that also quickly travels balanced across the shoulder hands free at a moments notice. The MAX is compact yet performs as a Military Entrenching Tool, a Pulaski and a Mcleod. The MAX consists of an axe, a shovel, a sledge hammer, a hoe, a rake, a Mattock, broad pick and standard pick. All on a corrosion resistant and non-electrically conductive durable polypropylene jacket wrapped fiberglass handle. All of the parts fit neatly in a precision balanced easily shouldered durable pouch and harness that also holds the handle and its combination sheathed axe/sledge hammer head. The MAX has been used by the U.S. Army and Marines for over 23 years and is carried in many military vehicles including all U.S. Army Tactical Vehicles.

All MAX components are fully sourced and manufactured in the USA and meet or surpass all U.S. Military sourcing requirements and performance standards.

The primary metal components are drop-forged, oil-hardened and extensively tested with magnetic resonance and extensively tested for quality control (including Rockwell hardness testing, Magnaflux testing, pressure testing and strike testing).

In short, the MAX is the best, lightest and most versatile multipurpose tool kit you can buy.

The Forrest Tool Company is a small, family owned company that began developing its unique and innovative products in 1984. It started providing tools such as the MAX to utility companies and the U.S. Forest Service in 1988. In 1995, the U.S Army and U.S. Marines determined that the MAX Multipurpose Tool was an ideal solution for a lightweight, versatile hand tool to carry on military vehicles. 

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